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I had been a customer at petwellbeing.com for over a year, ordering tripsy (a holistic treatment for dogs who suffer from kidney disease) - spending an average of $80 every two months, but sometimes getting a longer supply, so that I didn't need to order so often. During one of the long stretches, I moved. The next time I went to order the tripsy, I had to update my shipping/billing information, and placed my order. Not thinking anything about it, got my confirmation, and never looked at the email. After a month of not getting the tripsy, I looked at the confirmation so I could get my tracking info, and realized that the shipment had went to the old address (45 minutes away from where I now live). I didn't know who the new tenants were, so I called the company and inquired what happened.

Their IT guy checked the records, and can see where I changed my shipping/billing info, however their system had a glitch and did not make the changes. I spoke to Diane, the customer service manager, and stated the items had not been returned from the old address. She wanted me to go over to the old place to try and see if I could get the package (would give me 30% off my already paid for order if I would do this). That didn't sit comfortable with me. I eventually called my previous landlords three weeks later, and they let me know that they (the landlords) sent the package back. HOWEVER the package came by UPS, and the landlords returned it via USPS (my landlords had my new address, and just failed to forward it to me - not nice people). When I explained this to Diane, she said they had not got back the package and there was nothing that they could do for me. Not even send one bottle for free (I felt I was compromising, due to the fact I did not catch the error in the confirmation email - so I am a little at fault).

They lost a good, loyal customer who gave them consistent business, plus I was recommending the place to friends/family along the way.

One bottle retails for $39.99 - for a business to make money, the markup has to be enough to help with all their overhead & make a profit, so what do they actually pay for this bottle??? Maybe 15 or 20 dollars. Diane didn't care.... they aren't in the business to give stuff away. Ummmm last time I checked, I paid for my items that your website that had a glitch and didn't accept my chages.

In this day in age, where the economy is bad, and you still have people that will struggle to buy items that are not considered needs, but feel it is important for their dogs health... you should keep that customer - because that customer will continue to do what needs to be done in order to be pet medication that appears to help in her beloved pet.

To this day, they say they never got the package, and since there is no way to track it - I will never know who got the tripsy. It's not fair, the company has no empathy, just a greed for profits, and I will never recommend them to anyone every again.

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I am not surprised, this company is less than ethical; I have never dealt with a worse company. Ever. Some of the 'Anonymous' comments are actually them!


OK so nothing has been said about the right product working and how well or bad it did! Bottom line this is nothing more than whining and *** about inconvenience or money.

Instead of helping your dog you quit the product and company that makes it! Yea you love your dog.......

New York, New York, United States #949861

I'm certain you should report this to the attorney general in your state, and also make a claim with your credit card company for an unauthorized charge... do not be complacent about getting your money back!

Toronto, Ontario, Canada #851850

My first order with the Company they sent me the wrong product. I ordered Throat Gold but they sent Stress Gold. They sent out the correct shipment out right away and I did not return the other item.


Hmm... in this instance it seems to me that because it was not received by the intended recipient that the company could have shipped ONE bottle to the actual customer who ordered it.

If I were the customer I would also pursue a charge back on the credit card for not having received the product. If it was signed for by someone else, then it was not delivered to the intended recipient. It would also be the same thing if they left it at the door and someone else took it - which is what happened in this instance. Customer isn't responsible for this.

Not good customer politics from Diane. Sometimes you have to look at the big picture. In this instance, how easy the company is to deal with is more important than $35. But as someone else said it's a small company. Perhaps this Diane may have been useful in a small business, but it sounds as if her methods and approach are not in sync with how an expanding company should present itself to the world.


Also, I never made a complaint with the BBB. I just tried to resolve it through the PetWellBeing - so this comment must be from another person's problem. Not surprised by this.

Their efforts to give 30% off on my next order was not reassuring at all - as if I didn't get a prior order, and they failed to make it right then, how can I have confidence that I won't lose my money again? Also, I didn't hang up on the person, the conversation was at a standstill - this was obviously not going to be a resolution that could be a compromise on both parties end - so I hung up at that point, which is what I stated when I got off the phone.

It is a shame, but a lesson well learned (check your email confirmations for shipping info!). If you want to deal with a company that values a customer and "will do what needs to be done to make it right" - don't take a chance with PetWellBeing.com.


The glitch was within their system, as I am a frequent online buyer, and have never had an issue with any other online site with moves.

Because I deal with companies like Vivit, SitStay.com, and Home Depot, I definately know what good customer service is, and what companies value their customers.

I was willing to meet them half way with (1) bottle (as I had paid for two), as I admit I didn't check the email confirmation (never had to before) to make sure the shipping address was correct - so I realize I was partly to blame. PetWellBeing however, is not willing to admit that I did change my address and therefore was not trying to "get something for nothing" (their words - not mine). Also, the product by this time is probably back in their hands - as I was told by UPS & USPS that eventually the package makes it way back to the shipper - just no way to prove when it did.

Again, they lost out on a repeat customer. They can not see the value in that. Companies like SitStay.com, Home Depot, WalMart, Vivit are willing to "*** the bullet" - regardless who is to blame, knowing that a repeat customer is future business to their bottom line. :upset

Pet Wellbeing Verified Representative

This experience has also been rssolved by the help with the BBB who had to close the complaint due to the customer not accepting our companies gesture to make this better.

The system at PetWellbeing.com did not have a glitch. We could see the customer attempted to change her shipping address but the "cookies" on her browser repopulated her old address (not a glitch in our system but overlooked mix up on her browser).

We shipped the items to the address the order was placed with.

Advised her to inform the people at her old place/landlord etc to return the package to us as it was successfully delivered.

Being that this was not an error in our system and we shipped the products to the address that the order came in with, I also offered her a generous 30% off another order with free expedited shipping to which she hung up on me.

We have attempted to resolve the issue in a way where neither party needs to lose out.

In the end, the user error caused her to lose her shipment and she is not satisfied with our attempts to make it right.

We maintain an A+ rating with the BBB as we do want every one of our customers to be satisfied.

to Annajudge #1179304

if she updated her shipping and billing addresses and you admit it, she has ZERO responsibility in your failure to make sure your company databases "talked" to each other. That is a major fail on your part.

Was the customer supposed to call you and ask if your shipping dept talked to your billing dept? How can you even function if the modules are not interconnected?? A customer acct is an account, and any updated info should auto update every possible module. Sounds like your shipping dept is someone with an excel spreadsheet.

It remains the company's responsibility to accurately ship to a paying client. Your excuses are ridiculous. Glad I read this before ordering from your company... wouldn't want to bother you having to package up the product and put a correct shipping label on it.

Heaven forbid. The prices are obscene, but you know people will pay to help their beloved pets. You should work for the government...

they love opportunistic people who would rather lose customers than make a problem THEY created right. Shows a huge lack of integrity.

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